Schneider Electric Variable Speed Drives Altivar Process ATV600

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Variable speed drive for fluid management from 0.75kW to 800kW

Variable Speed Drive with embedded Services dedicated to process Industry and Utilities for 3 phases synchronous, asynchronous and special motors from 0.75 kW to 800 kW.

Altivar Process is a Services Oriented Drive designed to reduce OPEX in Process & Utilities installations, thanks to embedded EcoStruxure Machine Advisor.

ATV600 is a range of ready-to-order drives and custom engineered drives focused on fluids management processing and energy saving.

Altivar Process is the first Services Oriented Drive with: 

  • Embedded Power measurement and Energy dashboard
  • Embedded process monitoring and control
  • Low Harmonics (THDi < 48% at 80% load or THDi < 5% with low harmonic offer)
  • Stop and Go function to reduce energy consumption in standby mode
  • Asset monitoring and protection
  • Drift monitoring
  • Easy maintenance (Dynamic QR-Code)
  • Seamless integration with embedded Ethernet:                   
    o From device to process control with the Smart Process Object
    o From data to insights with the embedded Web Server 

Custom Engineered Drives: 

  • Proven technical cooling and harmonics solutions
  • Modular and compact design
  • Easy grid integration
  • Embedded Control (PLC, RTU, HMI)
  • A full set of control options
  • Fully load tested in a controlled laboratory environment
  • Complies with your country’s industry standards


Services Oriented Drives
This new concept of drives meets the major needs of process and utilities in terms of equipment efficiency and Total Cost of ownership by supporting the energy management, asset management and also the overall performance of the process.

  • Sustainable cost savings thanks to predictive condition-based maintenance
  • Up to 20% downtime reduction without additional investment 

Fluids Management Processing

  • Embedded Pump curves embedded (easy to set 5 points curve)
  • Anti-jam function prevents downtime
  • Limits leakage by reducing pressure when demand is low

Energy Saving

  • Optimizes energy consumption
  • Accurate power measurement provides information for energy management
  • Reduced energy consumption in standby mode

Real Time Intelligence
Web server and services via Ethernet

  • Embedded web server interface based on the Ethernet network gives you process monitoring with your daily working tools
  • Local and remote access to energy use and customized dashboards means your energy useage is visible anywhere, any time, on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Custom Engineered Drives
Schneider Electric’s expertise in design and application services delivers solution-specific designs dedicated to your process requirements for seamless plant integration.

  • Minimize design and delivery risks
  • Reduces the commissioning and adaptation time 

Enhanced Drives Specifications
Compact and modular, suitable even in harsh environments, Altivar Process is perfect for upgrades, retrofits, or new installations.

  • Withstand the harsh conditions of use, both from an electrical and environmental perspective


Altivar Process drives have been specifically designed for industrial processes, such as:

WWW: Pumping, suction, dosing, odour control, ventilation, aeration and sludge removal

O&G: Pumps (submersible, hydraulic, pipeline, reverse flow, water injection, kerosene) 


F&B: Pumps and drying fan 

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Schneider Electric Variable Speed Drives Altivar Process ATV600

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