VEGAPASS 81 - BYPASS OF STANDPIPE for Continuous Level Measurement outside the Vessel

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Application area

The combination of VEGAPASS 81 with VEGAFLEX enables a continuous level measurement outside the vessel. The bypass consists of a standpipe which is mounted as communicating vessel laterally to the vessel via two process fittings. This kind of mounting ensures that the level in the standpipe and the vessel are the same.


  • Maintenance-free system without mechanically moving parts
  • Simple, robust and proven mechanical construction

Technical data

Measurering range

4 m

Bypass Chamber or Bridle for liquid level and Interface Measurement

Together with e.g. a GWR Sensor, VEGAPASS 81 is a reliable replacement of displacer level systems. Liquid level and/or interface measurement is carried out in a bypass chamber or bridle, which is connected directly to the process vessel via two or more pipes. The combination of bypass chamber and level sensor delivers high measurement accuracy even if the density, temperature or pressure of the medium changes. The VEGA bypass chamber normally has an internal diameter of 50 mm.

Available in steel, stainless steel and special alloys VEGAPASS 81 is the right choice for external mounting of level measurement instrumentation on storage or process vessels. It can be easily retrofitted into existing systems as a displacer level replacer. The measuring point operates without any moving parts, so it is absolutely maintenance free. This reduces servicing costs to a minimum. It can also be supplied ready calibrated, so it is very easy to replace a displacer chamber level system quickly and easily.
Typical applications are level and interface measurement in distillation columns and steam boilers, often as a replacement for mechanical displacer systems.

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VEGAPASS 81 - BYPASS OF STANDPIPE for Continuous Level Measurement outside the Vessel

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