VEGAPULS 65 - Level measurement of liquids despite foam

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Application area
The VEGAPULS 65 is a radar sensor for continuous measurement of liquids under simple process conditions. It is particularly suitable for level measurement in vessels with small process fittings and under simple process conditions. The slim rod antenna enables the installation in small vessel openings.

Your benefit
- High plant availability, because wear and maintenance-free
- Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle
- Reliable measurement independent of process conditions

Technical data
Measuring range 35 m
Process fitting Thread from G1½, 1½ NPT; Flanges from DN50, 2”
Process temperature -40 ... 150 °C
Process pressure -1 ... 16 bar
Accuracy ± 8 mm
Signal output 4 … 20 mA/HART, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus

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VEGAPULS 65 - Level measurement of liquids despite foam

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