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The VLT® HVAC Drive unleashes the full potential of HVAC. Built on Danfoss™ new modular plug-and-play platform and dedicated to HVAC applications, the VLT® HVAC Drive makes HVAC operation child's play.

Danfoss™ unequalled experience in advanced drive technologies for HVAC application optimises features in the VLT® HVAC Drive and makes it the perfect match for pumps, fans and water chillers (compressors) in buildings fitted with sophisticated HVAC solution

Features and benefits



1.1 kW > 45 kW (200 V > 240 V)
1.1 kW > 450 kW (380 V > 480 V)
1.1 kW > 7.5 kW (525 V > 600 V)


IP20/chassis, IP21/NEMA1 & IP55/NEMA12

Modular plug-and-play platform

Specify the drive for your purpose and have it assembled and tested from the factory. 
A wide variety of RFI filter performance is available.

Hot plugable LCP

The local control panel (LCP) can be plugged in or out during operation, which allows quick installation. Settings are easily transferred via the control panel from one drive to another or from a PC with set-up software.

Intelligent heat management

Cooling can take place in two ways to offer different sets of benefits:

50° C ambient temperature The robust VLT® HVAC Drive is designed to work at maximum output in an ambient temperature up to 50° C to ensure maximum uptime and long life.
No dirt inside the Drive
A fan blows cold air through the heatsink only. The channel is easily cleaned without touching electronics.

Cold plate cooling 
External cooling is possible through the back side of the aluminium base, which results in smaller, cheaper and totally closed cabinets. An air-guiding screen passes air from the fan past the electronics for additional cooling.

Suitable for actuator operation

The drive™s modular structure makes it suitable for actuator operation mastered by BMS, PLC™s or DDCs.

Automatic Energy Optimisation 

The standard feature AEO provides optimized motor magnetisation at all speeds and loads. 
This increases energy efficiency by 5-15% at partial loads.

Flow compensation

Significant energy savings and reduced installation costs are provided by flow compensation in both fan and pump systems when the sensor is positioned close to the fan/pump discharge.

Energy monitoring

The VLT® HVAC Drive provides a complete range of energy consumption information, which helps identify low-efficient components in the HVAC system.

Pump Cascade Controller

The Pump Cascade Controller is the most sophisticated controller on the market and eliminates the need for an additional PLC.

Sleep Mode

In Sleep Mode the drive detects situations with low or no flow. Instead of continuous operation it boosts the system pressure and then stops to save energy. The drive restarts automatically when the pressure falls below the lower set point. This function is combined with the Low Flow detection to avoid wasting energy and spares the pump.

Dry Pump Protection and End of Curve 
Dry Pump Protection and End of Curve relate to situations where the pump runs without creating the desired pressure as when a well runs dry or a pipe leaks.

Automated Resonance Monitoring

The drive can easily be set to avoid frequency bands at which connected fans create resonances in the ventilation system. This reduces installation time and system wear.

Fan Belt Monitoring

From the relation between current and speed, the VLT® HVAC Drive is able to reliably recognize a broken belt.

Stairwell Pressurization

In the event of fire, the VLT® HVAC Drive can maintain a higher level of air pressure in stairwells than in other parts of the building to ensure that fire escapes remain free of smoke.

Fire Override Mode

In Fire Override Mode the VLT® HVAC Drive will not react to control signals, warnings or alarms. It will continue its reliable operation as long as possible and run until it eventually self destruct to ensure that fire escapes remain free of smoke.

Set point in temperature

The VLT® HVAC Drive calculates the actual room temperature from the pressure in the cooling media and refines compressor operation accordingly - without the need for additional software, sensors or controllers. This feature allows use of a less expensive pressure sensor.

Replace a cascade with a single compressor

The VLT® HVAC Drive provides the same level of flexibility in capacity with one large compressor instead of a cascade of 2 or 3 smaller compressors.

Fewer starts and stops

A maximum number of compressor start/stop cycles within a given period of time can be set. This will reduce mechanical wear.

Quick start-up

To extend life of the compressor, the VLT® HVAC Drive opens a bypass valve and lets the system start quickly without load.


For the VLT® HVAC Drive a wide selection of accessories is available to suit you needs. For further detail see Operation Instruction


Options for bus communication, user programs, etc., are delivered ready to plug-and-play.

Display Options

Local Control Panel LCP (graphical and numerical) 
Cable for LCP, 3 m 
Remote-mounting kit for Local Control Panel (LCP)

Application Options

External 24 V supply card

Fieldbus Options

Profibus Option Card 
DeviceNet Option Card 
BACNet Option Card 
LonWorks Option Card

LC Filters for reduced acoustic noise on motors 
LC Filter module Mains Supply 3 x 200-240 V 
LC Filter module Mains Supply 3 x 380-500 V

Other accessories

IP21/NEMA1 Kit 
USB Connection cable to PC 
Harmonic Filter AHF005/10

Local Control Panel LCP (graphical and numerical) 
Cable for LCP, 3 m 
Remote-mounting kit for Local Control Panel (LCP)

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VLT® HVAC Drive FC 100

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